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A community driven brand, Hammer & Pen Props aims to make the art of prop making more accessible by bringing more comprehensive and simple videos to a larger audience.


The name Hammer & Pen Props comes from my own background, combining my carpentry background (hammer) with my graphic design profession (pen). This is then applied to one of my hobbies prop making, with the aim of providing those just starting or those who are interested in it with answers to the question I had when first started making.

YouTube would be the main platform that would host the various videos that could be produced, allowing for easy embedding onto other areas like a website. For brand consistency, thumbnails follow strict guidelines as set out within the brand guide to help categorise the type of video it is.

To alert followers to a new video, announcement posts on social media would be put up with the visual of the same thumbnail image but without the gradient over the image due to only needing to categorise on YouTube, when people scroll through the channel. Having this post on social media also allows for others to easily share a post.

The main focus of this would be the delivery of videos and as such, would require it to be interesting enough to hold the attention of viewers. Part of this would be through the use of various motion graphics that would play through the videos. The first of which would be a logo animation, animating as if it’s being drawn or built to reflect the DIY nature of the video.

The typeface created for Hammer & Pen Props is used largely for the logo, however due to the style of this typeface it is also used for any titles and subtitles in subsequent documents.